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PERSONAL BRANDING: How beautiful portraits are good for your business

MOUNTAIN CLIMBING Considering a photoshoot is a big thing for most people and for "introverts" or those that consider themselves "unphotogenic", it's a mountain that will never be climbed.

But if you're reading this, it's a good sign you are taking steps to building a professional image of yourself and in the process boosting your confidence and self-worth.

So here are some reasons why this investment in yourself will pay off in the long run.


Social media is a friend and foe in our lives. We can pour over unbelievably good looking people with aspiring magical lifestyles or we can be inspired to be the best version of ourselves and put it out there. Having a face to your business and being a real person builds authenticity that the buyer is investing in something real. A beautiful portrait will attract people who will invest in you.

A good photographer can make a posed image look natural and effortless. And a photoshoot should be just that - comfortable and fun. BECOME MEMORABLE

If you have stock photography on your website or social, you are one step ahead of someone with no images, but in some ways, slightly backwards too, as those images are used by countless other business with no real difference to any other business. To have your own suite of personalised images, you become memorable and that is the key to crafting your business identity, making bookings and crushing sales.

A PHOTO IS WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS In a world of oversaturation of the visual senses, capturing people's attention can be hard. In an instant a good portrait can communicate who you are and what you're all about. Photos can give an insight into the person behind the brand, connecting with that person and building relationships with the brand.

BE CONTENTED Once you have good photos, the possibilities are limitless. From websites and social media to email campaigns or printed marketing materials. There are infinite ways you can use and reuse the final images to create content and promote your business. Be the Content Queen.


Creative paralysis is a real thing. Where do you start when you have nothing to start with? Having a suite of amazing photos brings excitement to every task to building your business. It's a pleasure to have a photo that represents an aspect of your service, a photo of the team engaged in a creative process or a naturally flattering photo of you.

Photography is a complicated craft were many factors come into play. If you think of yourself as unphotogenic, chances are you've been dealing with people who don't know how to take photos your whole life; but that could be about to change. During a professional photoshoot you are part of the collaborative process and not some object.

The minute you see those final results, your own perception about yourself will change and you'll have a set of images that reflect back to you how incredible you are.

Talk to Wendy today about how you can have a suite of amazing imagery.

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